Thursday, January 8, 2015

WHAT!!! I can't use my heater...

Why is my power company telling us not to use my heater, are you kidding me?
Simply put, too much demand at one time.  Just like in any other industry, a demand that's not supplied properly may resolve to outages. Kinda sort of like a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your house.

How is this so, did they not know we all have heaters?
  Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure, I'm sure you heard of this around election time. Well, here it is in living color. This is first hand experience. These power systems were put in place at a time when much power wasn't used. 
  Now, we face a situation where the demand is high. If, we haven't re-stock the shelves(per-say) for the overflow, we will come up short.


You mean to tell me they don't have enough money to handle this? 
I can't answer that one...that's another blog. I'm out of my league with that one. 

Can it be fixed?
Of course, in the famous words of an electrician, "You need to rewire this."